CakePHP 3.3.3 リリース

投稿者: | 2016年9月5日



  • HasMany::unlink() no longer emits errors when an empty list is provided.
  • The global event manager now tracks events when the local event manager does  not have tracking enabled.
  • Selecting SQL computed fields in contained associations no longer emits  warnings in PHP7
  • Redirect routes work correctly once again. Previously the beforeDispatch event  was not stopped causing errors.
  • Folder::inPath() now only accepts absolute paths. It previously had ambiguous behavior when relative paths were used.
  • TestCase::getMockForModel() now ensures that generated mocks have the correct table name.
  • EntityTrait::clean() now resets the original value states.
  • Marshalling no longer marks unchanged null values as dirty.
  • Numeric column names are now correctly quoted when identifier quoting is enabled.


  • Improved API docs in the ORM and Database packages.
  • Cake\TestSuite\EmailAssertTrait was added. This trait makes it easier to  to write tests for Mailer classes.
  • Hash::sort() now supports sorting by the current locale.
  • FormHelper::create() now supports the templateVars option.